Get a Line on Inventory

Tina at the Tyson Store
When Tina Rebideau and her husband Jeff purchased the Tyson Store, she wanted to put her mark on the "new" store with fresh paint, new lighting and beautiful hardwood floors, as well as stock the shelves. Tina and Jeff needed a Line of Credit to go with the commercial real estate loan in order to get things running.

Tina greets each customer by name, remembering their purchases, stocking local favorites, having dog treats ready for their faithful companions. She embodies personal service, and expects no less when arranging financing.

"I've been a member of One Credit Union since I was a kid. I did go to a bank, once," she added with a meaningful pause. "And I won't do that again. Too many fees! Working with One CU makes sense. They are local. They took the time to understand what we wanted to do, and helped us find a way to make it happen. When we were having trouble with paperwork, One CU helped us find solutions. They stuck with us and didn't give up. And that's why we stick with One Credit Union."

At One Credit Union, we partner with our commercial members to solve the financial challenges involved with growing our community businesses, offering a full line of commercial financing solutions. We know how to make your money work as hard as you do.

As a Credit Union, we work for our member owners. How can we help you, Boss? Let's talk about growing your business. Contact us today for an appointment!
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