Signature Loans

Life is full of surprises – and unfortunately, sometimes unanticipated expenses!  At One CU, we understand how important it is to get past the financial hurdles and get on with life, without worrying about the financial bumps in the road.

We offer two types of signature loans.  If you are not sure which is best for your situation, please contact us!

Signature Loans – Loans for living!
Our Signature Loans are loans for living - designed to fit your every need, at every stage of life.  From needing braces to dentures, landing that first apartment to outfitting your dream home – you name it, a Signature Loan from One CU can help you achieve your goals, and smooth out those financial surprises!

Pledged Share Loans – Loans with substantial savings!
A Pledged Share Loan offers substantial savings by using your current One CU savings or share certificate as collateral.  Perhaps you have savings tucked away for the expense you face, but it is uncomfortable to deplete the account.  A Pledged Share Loan may be the solution for you!  By offering the savings as security, the interest rate is dramatically lower – just 2.00% over the rate on your savings account or share certificate!

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Other LoansTermAPR *
Signature Loan12 months6.99%  
 24 months8.99%  
 36 months9.99%  
 48 months10.99%  
 60 months11.99%  
Share Secured (Pledged)1 Share rate + 2.00%  
Certificate Secured (Pledged)2 Certificate Rate + 2.00%  

*APR is annual percentage rate. Rates quoted "as low as."  Rate is determined by an assessment of credit and may vary from rate shown. 1Share Secured APR will be the dividend rate being paid on the Share Account on the date of the advance plus 2.00%. 2Certificate Secured APR will be the dividend rate being paid on the Certificate (Index) offered plus 2.00%. The Certificate must be renewed until the advance is completely paid. Upon renewal, the APR will change to reflect the new dividend rate. Not eligible for rate discounts. Ask for more information. Rates effective 01/01/2018 and are subject to change without notice.

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